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What is home for us ? A place we need more than anything. A place we share, we have to adapt to the seasons and time of our lives. A place that Bob and Joe the two hedgehogs are trying to furnish !! Leaves, Fireflies, Woodsticks or Dirt, Bob will have to fetch good items and leave dirty ones so that Joe and him have the best possible home : theirs!

A Short Game Made For the Global Game Jam 2019 By:
Alexandre Gomy: 3D art
Catherine Rolland: 2D art, scenario
Pauline Kimmel-Gomy: sound, researches
Stéphanie Mader: Game design and programing

== How to play ==
You are Bob the Rollin' Hedgehogg, your objective is to collect stuff for your home.

Left stick or arrows to move around
Space bar, B (Xbox one), cross (DS4) to transform into a ball and back to normal
Enter, A (Xbox One), square (DS4) to give your stuff to Joe when in your home

Press P or Menu button (Xbox One) to open/close the menu

Known issues:
- sometimes the game does not detect you gave stuff to Joe


RollinHedgies-Win.zip 73 MB
RollinHedgies-Mac.zip 75 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and play

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